10.02.20 | Online Course – Toon Boom Animation or Rigging

Toon Boom Trainer (Adam Oliver) is offering his popular online courses in Toon Boom Harmony at a great discount to Animation Skillnet members. Participants can choose either the Animation or Rigging pathway, both courses being heavily focused on the key skills you need to work in a professional animation studio.

The course is unique in that it provides personalised, one-to-one live video tutorials each week. This means participants can chat to their tutor and get helpful feedback and answers to any areas they’re struggling with. Combine this with 7 day a week email support for a complete, cost effective way to learn.

The course is structured around a high quality video curriculum, broken down into weekly assignments and sub topics. Along with this, all participants receive a unique 40 day Toon Boom Harmony Premium license to allow them to complete their projects.

Participants receive a certificate upon completion and advice on their next move, whether that be applying for a studio role or working towards a short film.

Course Content:

Animation Course

week 1 – Introduction and Principles

week 2 – Advancing the Basics

week 3 – Introduction to Character Animation

week 4 – Focus on timing – Action Animation

week 5 – Performance – Animating a Scene

Rigging Course

week 1 – Introduction and Key Concepts

week 2 – Building a Head and Magic Face

week 3 – Upper Body Techniques

week 4 – Leg Constraints and Super Shoes

week 5 – Master Controllers and More

Outline: Full course outlines and weekly summaries can be found at

Course start date: Monday 10th of February 2020

Specialism: Toon Boom animation or rigging

Duration: 5 weeks

Animation Skillnet is offering a special members rate of 180 Euro to do this course. The course normally costs 323 Euro (275 Pounds).

If interested in doing this online course please email with your choice of course and a CV before the deadline of January 31st 2020 at 5pm.

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