09.09.17 | 3D MODELLING AND PRINTING MADE EASY – Online 3D Fusion Programme

3D MODELLING AND PRINTING MADE EASY –¬†Online 3D Fusion Programme – How to Model and 3D Print Your Own Creations

Animation Skillnet is partnering with 3DTraining to offer members the opportunity to do a 4 month online course on 3D Fusion – How to Model and 3D Print Your Own Creations.


In today’s design-centric world, 3D Printing is one of the fast growing industries that are expected to disrupt the entire manufacturing industry over the coming years. The “3D Modeling and Printing Made Easy” program is meant to teach students how to use the cloud-based Autodesk Fusion 360 software to create 3D models such as custom smartphone Cases, household items, wearables, drones, cars, etc.
Participants learn how to prepare the 3D models they create to make real-life products using a 3D printer or online services such as 3D Hubs.
The Fusion program is conducted using 3DTraining’s proprietary cloud-based platform and supplemented by live-online labs, helpdesk, and monthly performance challenges.
The entire program is four months in duration and requires a minimum of three hours of learning and practice time each week. You can participate from any part of the world as long as you have access to a computer (Mac or PC) and Internet access. Autodesk will provide a free 3-year student license of Fusion 360 for all eligible participants.


Start Date: Saturday 9th September 2017

Duration: 16 Weeks (4 week Beginner Programme followed by 12 week Intermediate Level Program)

Deadline for applying: Thursday 7th September 2017

Time Requirements: 3 hours per week (online)

Course Fee: 100 Euro for Animation Skillnet Members (Original fee: 390 Euro)



Diploma in 3D Modeling and Printing from 3DTraining.com.
Participate in 3D Training Contests and win Attractive Prizes.
Internship & Work Possibilities based on Performance (part-time/online).



For more information on this course see here: http://www.3dtraining.com/asp/fusion.aspx

If interested in doing this online course please email animationskillnet@gmail.com


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