02.11.2020 | Programming in Python 101

Animation Skillnet is delighted to welcome back Matt Shaw for an online version of this course, which will take place over 10 sessions instead of 5.

Python is a powerful language that is very accessible to beginners. It’s becoming one of the most popular languages and is used in a lot of applications, web services and even graphics. The course content is applicable to all versions of python, but will be taught through python 3 as it is the most up to date.

Learning to write code can be daunting, especially without having any prior knowledge of how coding works.

The tutor has designed this course in a way that he would have liked to be taught when he first learnt Python on his own. There are many unknown factors that are often not addressed, and this will aim to teach not only “how” but “why” it works so that you have the knowledge to build upon and continue learning. Unlike most code courses, this will also teach a basic understanding of how code is run, and how to “debug” when things go wrong.

Course Content

Each week will address a new area of python to explore, and will include notes, slides, and exercises. From week 3 onwards, we’ll begin to start putting together the code for a game of battleship that you can play against the computer!

  • Week 1: Python basics – types, variables, and operators. We’ll learn how to write some simple python that can get user input, do something with it, and write out the result.
  • Week 2: Conditionals and Containers – How to only run the parts of the code that are needed, and how to store and access large numbers of values.
  • Week 3: Loops – Now that we can store lots of data, we’ll learn how to process all of it easily.
  • Week 4: Functions and scope – Writing reusable blocks of code and how to structure it.
  • Week 5: Modules – We’ll start to learn how to separate code into multiple files, and how to install and use external libraries.

By the end of this course, you will be able to start writing your own basic python tools, with the knowledge of how to deal with any errors you encounter, and a good outline of how to continue learning.

Tutor info

Matthew Shaw is a self-taught python developer who has gone on to become a Pipeline Team Lead at Boulder Features. Originally from an artistic background, working in prop making and architectural modelling, he moved into 3D and compositing, studying with Escape Studios in London for a year before returning to Dublin. He took up python as a hobby and has since gone into full time professional development.

Dates & Times:

From 7pm-9pm on Monday and Thursday evenings:

November 2nd,  5th, 9th, 12th, 16th, 19th, 23rd, 26th, 30th and December 3rd.


Members: 100 Euro, Non Members: 125 Euro

Application Procedure:

Please apply by filling in the form at the link below:


Deadline for Applications:

Wednesday 21st of October at 12pm

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Course Instructor

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