09.04.18 | An Introduction to ZBrush (5 Monday Evenings)

Course Content:

This course is designed as an introduction to ZBrush and to give an overview of the main features which separate it as a modelling tool from other Digital Content Creation tools such as Maya and 3dsmax. Topics covered will include:

– interface overview
– Polymesh3D vs Primitives
– dynamesh
– transform gizmo
– brushes
– polygroups
– masking
– zmodeller overview
– subdivision and dynamic subdivision
– creasing
– live boolean
– tool based undo system

At the end of the course, participants will understand the interface and basic workflows required to continue using the software to create their own models. They will have an overview of the capabilities and uses it provides and be in a position to use it for their day to day purposes or to continue studying it on their own.

Participant Profile:

ZBrush is a useful tool for a variety of industries including animation, 3d for film/tv, advertising, concept art, 3d printing, VR and sculpture. Participants should be familiar with the basic concepts of 3d modelling and be interested in expanding their toolset. They will preferably have experience with a wacom tablet, though this is not mandatory. The course is suitable for graduates and also film/tv/animation/advertising/sculpture/illustration professionals seeking to use the advantages of ZBrush in their day to day workflow.

Tutor Info:

Seán Forsyth has been creating 3D content since 1997 and first started using ZBrush in 2004. He has spent 12 years in the animation industry, and has previously worked in numerous other industries including flight and pharmaceutical CBT systems and VR/AR surgical simulation. While working at Brown Bag films, he held the role CG Supervisor on the multi-Emmy award winning tv series Peter Rabbit and has worked on numerous other cartoon series as either Technical Director, CG Supervisor or Art Director. He currently works in Boulder Media as an Art Director on a CG feature film.

Date & Times:

5 Monday Evenings from 6.30pm-9.30pm – 9th April, 16th April, 23rd April, 30th April and 14th May.


Room 11, Guinness Enterprise Centre, Taylors Lane, Dublin 8 (Directions and Map: http://gec.ie/get-in-touch/).


Members: 100 Euro, Non Members: 125 Euro

Payment can be made by credit card online (a link will be sent to you) or by cheque/postal order payable to Animation Skillnet.

Application Procedure:

Please apply by sending an email to: animationskillnet@gmail.com

Deadline for Applications:

Wednesday, 4th April.

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