09.11.16 | ZBrush Modelling and Sculpting (5 Wednesday Evenings)

Course Content:

The course will cover:
1.  Zbrush Interface customization, overview of the tools and materials, overview of the basic concepts of digital sculpting (freeform Dynamesh, Autotopology via ZRemesher, ZModeller)
2. Sculpt a creature torso from concept. Read the concept to understand how 2D Design translates to 3D. Basics and the importance of anatomy. Start Freemodelling the Torso in Dynamesh.
3. Clean up the forms. Plane breaks and polishing the surface. The importance of stylization. Secondary details with Alphas and special brushes. How to create accessories.
4 Paint the model with Polypaint. Colouring in ZBrush, Spotlight for loading the images. Automasking techniques. Alphas and baking the polypaint onto UVs for painting them in Photoshop.
5. Prepare your mesh for printing. Make it watertight. How to use booleans. How to use Decimation Master to export your mesh for Printing.

Please note that each class will be half lecture and half guided practice.

Participant Profile:

The course is aimed at medium to advanced ZBrush users who want to get to the next level.

Tutor Info:

Stefano Dubay has worked in the industry for over 10 years at studios like Sony Pictures Imageworks, Rhythm and Hues, Psyop and the Walt Disney Animation Studios on films like Big Hero 6, Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Arthur Christmas and many more. Stefano currently works as a Modelling Supervisor at Brown Bag Films. http://www.stefanodubay.com/

Date & Times:

5 Wednesday Evenings from 6.30pm-9.30pm, 9th November, 16th November, 23rd November, 30th November and 7th December.


Room 11, Guinness Enterprise Centre, Taylors Lane, Dublin 8 (Directions and Map: http://gec.ie/get-in-touch/).


Members: 100 Euro, Non Members: 125 Euro

Payment can be made by credit card online (a link will be sent to you) or by cheque/postal order payable to Animation Skillnet.

Application Procedure:

Please apply by sending an email to: animationskillnet@gmail.com

Deadline for Applications:

Wednesday, 2nd November.

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