10.02.20 | Online Course – Toon Boom Animation or Rigging

Toon Boom Trainer (Adam Oliver) is offering his popular online courses in Toon Boom Harmony at a great discount to Animation Skillnet members. Participants can choose either the Animation or Rigging pathway, both courses being heavily focused on the key skills you need to work in a professional animation studio.

The course is unique in that it provides personalised, one-to-one live video tutorials each week. This means participants can chat to their tutor and get helpful feedback and answers to any areas they’re struggling with. Combine this with 7 day a week email support for a complete, cost effective way to learn.

The course is structured around a high quality video curriculum, broken down into weekly assignments and sub topics. Along with this, all participants receive a unique 40 day Toon Boom Harmony Premium license to allow them to complete their projects.

Participants receive a certificate upon completion and advice on their next move, whether that be applying for a studio role or working towards a short film.

Course Content:

Animation Course

week 1 – Introduction and Principles

week 2 – Advancing the Basics

week 3 – Introduction to Character Animation

week 4 – Focus on timing – Action Animation

week 5 – Performance – Animating a Scene

Rigging Course

week 1 – Introduction and Key Concepts

week 2 – Building a Head and Magic Face

week 3 – Upper Body Techniques

week 4 – Leg Constraints and Super Shoes

week 5 – Master Controllers and More

Outline: Full course outlines and weekly summaries can be found at toonboomtrainer.com

Course start date: Monday 10th of February 2020

Specialism: Toon Boom animation or rigging

Duration: 5 weeks

Animation Skillnet is offering a special members rate of 180 Euro to do this course. The course normally costs 323 Euro (275 Pounds).

If interested in doing this online course please email apply@animationskillnet.ie with your choice of course and a CV before the deadline of January 31st 2020 at 5pm.

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