17.06.19 | 2D Animation Graduates: Next Step Bootcamp

Animation Skillnet and Screen Skills Ireland are proud to present a new 2D Animation Bootcamp aimed at recent graduates from Monday 17th June to Friday 21st June 2019.


Devised in consultation with professionals from various Irish Studios, each Bootcamp will involve an introduction to all stages of a modern Animation Production. Operating a holistic approach, the key aim of this course is to expose the graduate artist to the entirety of the working environment. Insight will be provided to the working of an in-house department, covering each stage of development for both broadcast and feature:

  • Overview of the pipeline.
  • Diversity of roles.
  • Hierarchies.
  • Interdepartmental communication.
  • Behind script and Screen: The set up and demands of each department for the execution of work within a spectrum of current software from script to final image.
  • The use of back-end programming.
  • A preparation for future learning.
  • An overview of various software used in the industry (Adobe Suite, Storyboard Pro, Harmony, etc)
  • CV, Showreel and online portfolio preparation

A Learning & Development coach will guide you through a series of workshops aimed at cultivating 21st Century Skills.  Focusing on qualities essential to the Animation Industry.

Attendees will gain tools to manage themselves and work in teams effectively, manage their time & energy, develop self-awareness and an understanding of emotional intelligence.  All of which are crucial to a successful career within the Animation Industry.

The aim at the end of the Bootcamp is for participants to be better prepared in obtaining a job with a studio. Each participant will receive portfolio/showreel advice from the core tutor and guest professionals from various studios.”

About the Tutors:

Core Tutor 2D Bootcamp: John Peavoy is a lecturer of animation and illustration with the Athlone Institute of Technology. He has previously worked as an animator with Cartoon Saloon on projects such as The Breadwinner and Puffin Rock. He has worked as a supervisor, animator, editor, and animation designer for a wide range of clients such as RTÉ, BBC, Nick JR. Netflix, Amazon, and others from America and across Europe.

Learning & Development Coach: Full Aeon / Morag Keating Abernethy is a Learning and Development facilitator and coach. With 15 years of training and development experience. Designing and developing bespoke training material for local and global entities. Delivering training to First Level Leaders and staff.

She has extensive experience of one to one coaching and mentoring across a diverse client group. Coaching on the job and across sectors.

A trained graphic and personal development plan facilitator for both groups and individuals. Working with organisations such as Wood Ltd, Skills Development Scotland, Shirlie Project and Strathclyde University respectively.

HR Module tutor: Michael Downey – Michael is an experienced Talent Acquisition professional with over 5 years experience as a Recruiter in busy operations environments. He currently works for Boulder Media, more specifically recruiting talent for their upcoming feature film. Michael has extensive experience bringing candidates through hiring processes from start to finish. His industry experience includes Animation, Technology and Cybersecurity.

Showreel, portfolio and interview tutors:

Martin Dowling – Martin is a Learning & Development Specialist who is currently working with Boulder Media.  Martin has a passion for helping people develop and has created and executed engaging best practice training programmes, workshops and on-boarding processes aimed at improving employees skills, knowledge and soft skills. Martin is experienced in presenting , training,  facilitation and performance coaching. His industry experience includes Construction, Security and Animation.

Paul O’Flanagan – Paul graduated from BCFE in 2000 and at the end of that year joined Boulder Media as their first animator. Since then, he has worked on many projects ranging from animator to animation director for studios such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney and BBC. Currently Paul holds the position of ‘Senior Television Director’ and is directing a high-profile t.v show for Hasbro.


There is no fee for the Bootcamp but please note that there are only 12 places available.


Graduates from Animation and other related courses who are interested in being considered for a place on either of the Animation Bootcamps should apply at the link below by Monday 10th June by 12pm.

Applicants must include a CV or LinkedIn profile and a link to an online showreel or digital portfolio in their application. (Showreel/portfolios in progress accepted)

Successful applicants will be notified asap before the Bootcamp starts.

Please apply here: https://animationskillnet.ie/events/2d-animation-graduates-next-step-bootcamp/

The Bootcamp will run for one full week from from Monday 17th June to Friday 21st June, each day from 9.30am to 5.30pm.

Location: Dublin City Centre.

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