20.04.2020 | Online Course – Creature creation for CG production (16 classes over 8 weeks)

Animation Skillnet and Screen Skills Ireland are delighted to welcome back Darko Mitev for this free online course that will help participants to create their own 3D creature from scratch.

Course content

In this course, we will cover the entire pipeline for creating highly realistic creatures for film, games, commercials and animation.

The work-plan will mimic a typical production environment :

  • concepting the creature based on a script breakdown,
  • applying production-ready topology, that will work for the needs of the project, 
  • continuing with UVs including multiple UDIM setup, 
  • Texturing and Look Development of the character, 
  • finally lighting setups using Arnold for Maya to produce some promo shots used to showcase the final model.  

The course will take place over eight week, with 2 two-hour sessions per week: one where Darko will be demonstrating the techniques and tools, and one live chat, where participants will be able to show the progress on their work, get feedback and ask questions.

Each week the participants will get homework assignments that will have to be completed by the end of that week. 

About the Tutor

Darko Mitev is a Lead 3D Character Modeler and Generalist, with focus on modeling and digital sculpting. Originally from Macedonia, Darko is currently living and working in Dublin, Ireland, as Lead Character Modeler for Brown Bag Films. Darko has now over ten years of production experience in many areas of the 3D Industry such as Feature Film Animation, TV Show Animation,Commercial, Game Cinematic, and VFX.

Participant profile

This course is open to professionals, recent graduates and freelancers in the Animation, Games and VFX industry with a current, valid address in the Republic of Ireland.

Participants should be mid- to intermediate-level artists with good technical knowledge of Maya and Zbrush.

Software and licences, system requirements needed for the course

The participants should have working computers or a laptop with the minimum system requirements to run Autodesk Maya, Pixologic Zbrush and Substance Painter

Licences will be provided for Maya and ZBrush but you will need to have Substance Painter for the final weeks of the course. If you do not have this software and you are planning to use a trial version for Substance Painter: please do not install the trial version ahead of the course, as it will only be used towards the final weeks!

Additional hardware requirements: Webcam and Microphone for live chat sessions and feedback as well as a graphics or screen tablet for digital drawing and sculpting (such as Wacom Intuos or Cintiq).

Dates & Times

8 Monday & Thursday evenings from 7pm-9pm on 20th & 23rd Apr., 27th & 30th Apr., 4th & 7th May, 11th & 14th May, 25th & 28th May, Tue 2nd & Thu 4th Jun, Mon 8th & Thu 11th Jun 2020.


Exceptionally, we will be offering this course at no cost to the participants, as Animation Skillnet has committed to support the Irish Animation, Games and VFX Industries impacted by Coronavirus (COVID-19)‚Äč.

Application Procedure

Please note that applications for this course are now closed.

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Course Instructor

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