04.12.21 | Drawing for 2d Animation – Beef up that Posing! Online Course

It is our great pleasure to welcome Tina Nawrocki for this online version of her very popular course designed specifically for 2d animators looking to improve their drawing skills to create solid, appealing, and interesting key poses for animation. Each session will look at graphic and animation principles to create expressive drawings through lectures, demos and critiques.

The first part of the course breaks down the basic principles of Life Drawing. The focus is on the analysis of life models’ poses, in view of applying that knowledge to create believable key drawings for animation. 

The second part of the course explores the art of caricature drawing: how to create appealing and entertaining character animation through exaggeration. 

About the Tutor

  • Tina Nawrocki is a 2d Animator and Illustrator with over 16 years of experience working in the gaming industry, television, and film. Tina joined Studio MDHR in 2015 to work on Cuphead as a Concept Artist and 2d Animator. She designed and animated the bosses for Sugarland Shimmy and various platforming stages. After Cuphead’s release, Tina worked for two years on Studio MDHR’s new project, DLC: Delicious Last Course. Since leaving MDHR in 2020, Tina had the pleasure of animating on the Netflix Series “Green Eggs and Ham” and the feature film “Space Jam: A New Legacy” as well as providing original animation for Drake’s new music video “Knife Talk”. 

Course Content

PART 1: 

  • Introduction – who I am! 
  • Study life! Why use reference? 
  • Directional Axis 
  • Balance/Center of Gravity/Plum Line 
  • Draw SHAPES not LINES 
  • Draw what you SEE not what you THINK YOU SEE 

PART 2: 

  • Cartooning
  • 1930s Style – what defines it? 
  • Staging/Silhouette 
  • Exaggeration 
  • Expressions 
  • Hands 
  • Appeal

My Own Process for 2d Animation: 

  • Thumbnail
  • Recording/Finding Reference Staging/Silhouette 
  • Thumbnail Part 2 
  • Main Line 
  • Directional axis 
  • Shapes 
  • Is the silhouette strong? 
  • Expressions + Hands 
  • Details 
  • FLIP IT 

In course practice of drawing a very specific character, a model sheet will be provided.

Participant profile

The course is designed for recent graduates or professionals who want to develop their 2d drawings skills.

Please note that applicants must have a current, valid address in the Republic of Ireland in order to take part in this course.

Places are limited to 20 participants and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

If the course is sold out and you wish to be put on a waiting list, please email coordinator@animationskillnet.ie

Materials or software needed

Basic materials: paper, pencils. markers, charcoal. Participants will be notified of any other materials needed throughout the course.

Software: Good WiFi connection, the classes will be taking place on Zoom.


This course is now full.

Dates and times

  • Sat Dec 4th 2pm to 6pm
  • Sat 11th Dec 2pm to 6pm