COVID-19 Compliance Officer Training for the Audio-Visual (AV) Sector

This course, developed in partnership with Screen Skills Ireland and the Skillnet audio-visual networks (Screen Skillnet, Learning Waves Skillnet, Gréasán na Meán Skillnet and Immersive Technologies Skillnet), will equip you with the knowledge required to work with companies, organisations and productions to implement the correct procedures to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. 

The course covers the training requirements set out in the COVID-19 Specific National Protocol for Employers and Workers May 2020, Return to Work Protocol, in addition to bespoke elements to the Audio-Visual Sector. 

The course will cover the Response Plan, Work Structures, Risk Assessments, and best hygiene practices for the Audio-visual sector.  

There will be an assessment at the end of the course and learners will require a 90% pass rate to earn the Certification of Completion. If you do not achieve a 90% pass rate you can review the module(s) you failed and repeat the assessment.  

You will also have access to a resources section that will contain links to the following documents, plus links to websites giving information on Public Health and Occupational Health and Safety:

  • COVID-19 Specific National Protocol for Employers and Workers May 2020, Return to Work Safety Protocol
  • Screen Producers Ireland (SPI) Production Guidelines for Irish Film & TV (Live Action)
  • SPI COVID-19 Production Guidelines for Factual and Entertainment
  • Commercial Producers Ireland Filming Guidelines Post COVID-19

Participant Profile: This course is open to applicants that intend to work as a COVID-19 Compliance Officer or COVID-19 Lead Worker in Ireland.  

All applicants much have proof that they have completed the COVID-19 Return to Work in the AV sector online course offered through Animation Skillnet, Screen Skills Ireland, or a Skillnet that has partnered on this course,  and confirm that they have read and understand the COVID-19 Specific National Protocol for Employers and Workers May 2020, Return to Work Safety Protocol – and the relevant guidelines for the sector they work in.  

The course is an online, self-directed/non-tutor led course and should take approximately 60 minutes to complete.  

Application Procedure:

You can register for this training on the Animation Skillnet website OR on the websites of any of our partners listed above.The training is identical throughout.

Please apply online using the link below:

Once you apply and if your application is accepted you will be sent a link to complete the course. Depending on the volume of applications it may take up to 24 hours in the first few weeks to approve your application and send out the link. All efforts will be made to process applications as soon as possible.  

Applications received at the weekends or outside of business hours will be processed on the next working day.  

If you wish to apply for this course as part of the new Immersive Technologies Skillnet, please click here.

You must attach a copy of your Certificate of Completion for the COVID-19 Return to Work in the AV Sector course to your application. Applications without a Certificate will not be processed.  

If you would like to do this course in Irish please email

For further information, please email

Date:  Available anytime

Tutor(s):  Self-directed/Non-tutor led

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Venue: Online

Cost: Free

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