Submission-Ready Design Portfolios… built!

We are delighted to share with you the work of our talented group of artists who took part in our 10-week course Building a Submission-Ready Design Portfolio. This course was supported

Guided by Art Director Kirsten Shiel, the participants worked on the technicalities of presenting their work in effective ways, but also through exercises to further develop their Character and Environment design skills.

Here’s some of the feedback we ha received from the hard-working participants:

“The training has given me the confidence to continue pursuing a career in animation, and has also given me some tools to push on with learning colour and light, and applying it to my work. The technical aspects of the course, such as turnarounds, were great to cover, as I had been wondering where to put my energy- the more artistic side, or the more technical side. I feel this course covered both, and made the art side and the technical side relate to industry practices and sensibilities.”

“The range of topics covered was very useful. Having a broad overview of design and how all elements relate to each other was very helpful and provided a good base of knowledge to continue working from. […] Also- Watching the reviews of everyone’s work in different styles was great for demonstrating the application of basic principles regardless of style.”

Below is a sample of what they worked on during the course: click on each image to access the artist’s portfolio online!

Bruno Ferrer Silva
Ciara O’Shaughnessy
Claire Costelloe
David Monaghan
Dylan Yap
Emma Murphy
Stephanie Ayres
Karl Brooks
Siobhan Catinot
Robyn Coleman
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