Geronimo Productions

Geronimo Productions (formerly Monster Animation) is an independent award winning animation studio established in 1995. Our focus is creating and producing or own projects and working in co-productions. We have a fully equipped digital 2D studio in Dublin which currently has a crew of 18 people. We offer the full range of services from script through full post production. In co-productions we can offer 40% of the finance to the right project. Geronimo was awarded “European Producer of the Year” at Cartoon Forum Tribute 2011.

Kavaleer Productions

Among their many accolades, Kavaleer are the proud winners of four Digital Media Awards and have been twice nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award and a British Animation Award. Our film work has been selected by over 100 international festivals over the past ten years.

Brown Bag Films

Brown Bag Films® are Europe’s most exciting, original and successful creative-led animation studio. Since 1994, their Dublin-based headquarters have produced cutting-edge animation for the international market, bagging numerous awards along the way. These include Oscar® nominations for Give Up Yer Aul Sins (2002), Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty (2010) and Bafta and Emmy nominations for their hugely popular TV series, The Octonauts (2011).

Cartoon Saloon

Cartoon Saloon is an Irish Animation Studio based in Kilkenny. It was recently nominated for an Academy Award (R) for Best Animated Feature film. It began as an informal partnership between a group of animators brought together by Paul Young and Tomm Moore in 1999. Cartoon Saloon has since grown into a multi-award winning animation and illustration design studio. The studio works with many diverse, international Clients such as Disney, BBC and Cartoon Network.

Giant Animation Studios

Giant Animation Studios are an established animation studio based in Dublin, Ireland. Giant is dedicated to the design, direction and production of high end animated content for advertising, T.V shows and short films. We cater for a broad range of styles and are always interested in working on original and innovative projects that push us in new and exciting directions.


Magpie 6 Media produces “Tradigital” 2D animation, mixed media, stop motion and CGI animation for broadcast, web, and mobile media. Magpie 6 Media creates animated properties for both its clients and its own in-house productions. In today’s production environment of cross platform, transmedia projects with constrained budgets, Magpie 6 Media is well experienced in meeting and exceeding expectations for professional quality, on schedule and well within budget.

Magpie 6 Media began in 2008 in Dublin, Ireland – A country chock-a-block with award winning artistic, animation and technological talent. The studio is located at the Digital Depot on the grounds of the historic Guinness factory, home of the “Black Stuff.”

Monster Entertainment

Monster Entertainment is an international distribution company, which finances and distributes television series worldwide. Monster has sold programmes to over 200 countries. Its flagship projects include the 130 episode music series, Planet Rock Profiles, which has sold to 168 countries and 72 airlines, and animation series which have sold in as many as 170 countries. Our catalogue also features inspirational programming, adult animation, docs, shorts as well as including Oscar-winning,  Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning animation and other programmes which have won many other awards and enjoyed great commercial success.

Treehouse Republic

Treehouse Republic is an award winning, creative media production studio. Taking projects from early stage preproduction to final output. We create content across all platforms, for Advertising, Broadcast, Digital and corporate projects. Including Animation, Live action, visual effects and motion graphics. Our highly experienced, passionate and multi-skilled creative team, work together to get the best out of each and every project. Whether it be as service to our amazing clients, as co-production or as one of our own in house productions we constantly look to innovate in every aspect of our studio as a business and creatively.

Boulder Media

Boulder Media is an Irish animation company based in Dublin. The company was established in 2000 and since then we have gone on to become one of Ireland’s largest animation studios, attracting high profile projects from across the globe and working with leading broadcasters such as Cartoon Network US(Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends),Nickelodeon (El Tigre) the BBC (Funky Fables), and most recently a commission fromDisney Europe to produce their first original feature Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja.

Brighthead Games

Brighthead Games is based in Dublin, Ireland. We are a company focused on developing viral branded games, quizzes and puzzles for social networks. We develop games to be used on Facebook, Android, Windows and iOS devices.

All our games will connect to Facebook and Twitter as a way of sending branded data to the players social network timelines. With a branded status update on Facebook or Twitter, each time a player reaches a level in the game it will create awareness for the client’s brand. Through social media network there is the opportunity for the game to go viral therefore allowing the client’s brand to expand beyond the client’s Facebook page.


Telegael is one of Europe’s leading animation and television production houses. Established in 1988, the multi-Emmy® and IFTA award winning studio works with international producers, distributors and broadcasters to develop, co-produce and finance animation and live-action content for the global market. Telegael’s client list includes some of the biggest names in global broadcasting including Disney, Discovery Kids, France Television, Super-RTL, KIKA, BBC, Nickelodeon, PBS Sprout and Cartoon Network. Telegael has co-produced more than 650 hours of television. Our productions have been distributed to over 140 territories throughout the world and have been translated into more than 40 languages.

Riot Games Ireland

We aspire to be the most player-focused game company in the world. We were established in 2006 by a couple of entrepreneurial gamers who believe player-focused game development can result in awesome games. In 2009, we released our debut title, League of Legends, to critical and player acclaim. Over 32 million play every month.

We know players form the foundation of our community and it’s for them that we continue to evolve and improve theLeague of Legends experience.


SavvyBear is a virtual online children’s game world for girls and boys aged five to twelve years old. The game is great fun, ad free, 100% safe with an educational twist.

While exploring the world of SavvyBear you can chat with friends, dress up your avatar, play games, collect pets and complete missions.

We also have a Savvy school where your character can learn English, Irish, Maths, History, Geography and Science.

The vStream Group

vStream’s unique blend of post-production expertise and software development, infused with our digital marketing experience means we are unique in the market,

Our facilities, located in the heart of Dublin, include a software lab, a graphic design and animation centre, a 3D cinema, a greenscreen and bluescreen Hi Definition video studio, and full post production and editing suites.

Piranha Bar

Piranha Bar is a Creative Content Studio, built around a full service Post-Production Facility. Our directors, animators, 3D genii, flame artists and production elves all operate under one elegant Georgian roof.

Our fully fledged production studio has grown out of a tradition of offering inventive animated storytelling and astonishing visual effects as a post facility. Embracing the invigorating changes in cross-platform content production Piranha Bar has blown open the traditional assembly line production model in favour of a collective approach where every production solution is explored and delivered in-house.

Martello Media

Architects, researchers, writers, museum experts, exhibition designers, graphic artists, filmmakers, computer programmers, lighting and hardware specialists working together to design unique narrative spaces and interactive experiences.

Martello have subsequently expanded into heritage consultancy, interpretative master planning and exhibition design

Founded in 1986 by Mark Leslie as the digital presentation arm of his architectural practice, Martello rapidly developed into a pioneering interactive multimedia production studio..

Martello is an equal opportunities employer.

Toon Brothers

Toon Brothers are a new Film Animation Production Company specialising in the creation of cartoon signature characters and storylines that deal with environmental, social and other issues through comedy action adventures. Our target audience is primarily a 7 to 11+ age group.

Six Minute

SixMinute is an independent game development studio in the heart of Dublin. It was founded by former members of PopCap Games, some of whom were the core leaders of the Dublin office from its very inception. We’re currently ramping up to our first release, with huge ambitions! – See more at:

Bitsmith Games

We are an Irish Game Studio based in Dublin City.

Our first game, Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan is available for iOS, Android, PC & MAC.

Check out for media and info on how to purchase the game!

We are currently working on FranknJohn, a roguelike action game for PC and next-gen consoles.

You can follow our progress for FranknJohn on our blog page!

Gorilla Post Production

Gorilla is a creative post production and music company based on Herbert Lane in Dublin 2.

At Gorilla we pride ourselves in our ability to mix talent, technology and client-focused services, delivering the highest post production standards across a broad range of projects.

On a daily basis we drive our creative forces into TV programming, animation projects and commercials consistently achieving special results that bring our clients back time and time again. It’s what makes Gorilla different.

We don’t just use our ears – we like to talk too. The door is always open – so why not pop in to chat about your next project and see first hand what Gorilla has to offer.

Studio Powwow

At Studio POWWOW we create entertainment that is sensitive to the changing needs and behaviours of a growing mobile and digital audience. By creating transmedia storyworlds that live on mobile, web and TV,  our audience enjoys a deeper, more immersive experience. We see mobile and social games as key drivers in establishing the favourite brands and characters of the future.

The growing range of mobile devices is fundamentally changing the way audiences interact and behave with their favourite content and brands.

By delivering our stories across multiple platforms and devices, we take advantage of audience fragmentation. They are mobile now and they want instant gratification. Their Eyeballs are drawn away from the TV. At Powwow, we a putting those eyeballs back, by creating  new kinds of multi-platform entertainment experiences.

Kite Entertainment

Specialising in comedy and factual entertainment we have produced a range of shows in Ireland, including six seasons of the stand-up comedy series “Just For Laughs”, four season’s of our hit hidden-camera series “Anonymous”, the comedy school reunion series “Class Clowns”, the stand-up prank series “I Dare Ya!”, two seasons of the animation series “Langerland.TV” and two series of our sports reality series “Celebrity Bainisteoir”.

Still Films

Founded by Maya Derrington, Nicky Gogan, and Paul Rowley, in 2007, STILL FILMS is a production company based in Dublin and New york. Our company focuses on the production of Tv, transmedia productions, feature films, animations, documentaries and artist films. STILL FILMS has a collective ethos all producing and editing for each other’s work as well as supporting a wide group of associated filmmakers.

Egg Post Production

Egg Post Production is almost in it’s tenth year of operation! Founded and run by two Editors – Gary Shortall and Gareth Young – Egg still operates to the core values that pushed these two to establish Egg in the first place.

Egg is just that little bit different.  With a truly small company feel despite our increasing size and credit list, our clients are encouraged to feel at home and comfortable within their surroundings.  Maintaining a personal feel has always been a cornerstone of  Egg’s ethos and this is reflected in the team that they have chosen.

Egg boasts a young and talented team with a passion for creativity and all things technical. Fanatical about TV and film, Eggheads are encouraged to take ownership over any project that they work with ensuring both exceptional personal work and stellar teamwork.  As well as this, every project within Egg will benefit from the professional eye and guidance of its two founders.


So, what is Whackala…? Well, in its original Mexican Spanish spelling (guacala) it means “yikes!” but we’re not going to show you anything gross here.

We picked the name when we founded the company in 2006 to focus on our first project, the award winning documentary “After the Revolution”, which is, in a nutshell, about Mexican revolutionary indigenous women, made in co-production with Spain’s Canal Sur TV.

Who are Whackala? well the main two people you can blame are Leticia Agudo & Paul McGrath who founded the company to combine their separate experiences in producing and directing fiction, documentary and animation, and let’s be frank, because they quite liked each other, so -not advised by some- they threw all their eggs into one basket and mixed the personal and the professional into one big pot and … yes … whackala?

Where is Whackala? Our base is in Dublin, Ireland. One of us founders is an Irish native and one is from Spain, together we make a natural European co-production and  we’re open to more from different countries.

Volcanic Voice Talent Agency

Volcanic Voice Talent Agency represents new and experienced voiceover talent of all ages & nationalities. We provide talent for commercials, animation, television programmes, digital media, narration, corporate productions, ADR, Loop groups, localisation and much more.

Volcanic clients include leading advertising agencies, broadcast networks, animation studios and production companies. Our partnerships with leading recording studios offers clients easy access to great talent from across the globe.

An expert panel of producers, copywriters and sound engineers have evaluated and endorsed our roster allowing you to use Volcanic talent with confidence.

Sixteen South

We are dedicated to the development, creation and production of premium children’s television for national and international broadcasters. We work in live action, puppetry and animation – and produce preschool and kids shows in the genres of comedy, entertainment, drama and learning.